#101 Reasons to be part of Agile Gurugram 2018

Reason 9 :  Explore the art of building an equal and impartial work environment

All employees of an organization need to feel that they are in an environment which offers fair and equal treatment of them both personally, and a competent procedure that reviews their capabilities. This will increase both their productivity and company loyalty.

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Agile Gurugram 2018 Conference

Agile Gurugram 2018 Live!

Agile Gurugram is a leading Lean-Agile conference started in the year 2016 by Agile Network India community. The conference provides a platform for the Agile community to learn and share their knowledge with the very best in the industry from different parts of the world. After two successful years in 2016 and 2017, Agile Gurugram is coming back with a bigger and mature version in 2018 to Delhi NCR region.

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