What to host a ANI Meetup?

First, identify the theme for the meetup and what value it could bring to our community.

A meetup, simply can be a brief gathering of few people, in a semi-formal setup, hosted by an enterprise, startup, college or institution at a meeting room with facilities like projector and chairs. A successful meetup must have a great agenda to bringing value added content and conversation for audience. That’s it.

Steps to host a Meetup

  • 1Connect with us

    You can simply express your interest to host a meetup at a company, college, institution, or even you can at any other venue as well. Just write about same to community@agilenetworkindia.com and Connect with ANI team for possible support. ANI team would provide you the assistance required to plan a meetup.

  • 2 Identify the agenda

    A great meetup always has a meaningful agenda. This is important to research suitable Theme, identify suitable Speakers, find a Venue, Date and Time as part of planning the meetup. You can share initial thoughts for planning the meetup at https://bit.ly/2Skzox1

  • 3Identifying Speakers and Panelists

    Once the theme is agreed, identifying and inviting speakers to share session proposal and present at Agile Network India Meetup is the immediate next step. Intrested speakers can simply fill this Session Submission at https://bit.ly/2BcE9Pp

  • 4Session review and finalisation

    ANI team facilitates Session review process referring the ANI review process at https://bit.ly/2GkhDYi

  • 5Announcement meetup program

    Once the sessions are finalised, meetup program is announced to ANI channels and open for people to register at http://meetup.com/Agile-Leadership-and-Management-Network/

    Information about Point of Contact and Venue would be published and shared with registered participants via meetup.

  • 6Hosting, Facilitating and Presenting the Event

    Host and Facilitator plan and drive the event as per schedule and assisted by ANI team for all the support required to make the event successful.

  • 7Event Presentations, Pictures, Videos and other artifacts

    All the artifacts used at the event are available at ANI Channels and Website post the event. Participants can also share meetup photos and other artifacts on the meetup page.