About Us

Agile Network India (ANI) is a Thought Leadership community, founded by Priyank DK Pathak and is open for everyone interested in connecting, learning and sharing new ideas, point of views, and proven concepts.


Our vision is to be the most resourceful knowledge platform in the world to provide direction, solutions, and data point to the community.


Our Mission is to bring the best content to the community and foster networking, learning and sharing of information, knowledge, and skills.


  • Create a world-class community website/platform
  • Facilitate networking for community members
  • Accelerate the exchange of information to the community
  • Enable knowledge sharing for community members
  • Connect the experts, practitioners, and students to foster learning


  • Form the team of Advisors, Reviewers, Volunteers and Organizers first quarter of 2019
  • Create the operational process and policy by the first quarter of 2019
  • Identify, list and prioritize the initiatives by the first quarter of 2019 (and reprioritize frequently)
  • Enable feedback mechanisms to improve session quality by the first quarter of 2019
  • Streamline the local chapters in all major cities by the second quarter of 2019
  • Kickoff events in each city by the second quarter of 2019
  • Structure the operational flow by the second quarter of 2019
  • Facilitate the city wise event teams to transition to be self-organized, self-managed and self-directed by end of third quarter of 2019
  • Kickoff survey initiative by end of third quarter of 2019
  • Kickoff Bootcamp initiative by end of fourth quarter of 2019


  • Gender Equality: ANI has no biases for a particular gender in creating the conference program, identifying the review and volunteer teams, selecting speakers, registering participants and any other said or unsaid aspects and everyone will be treated fairly equal in all aspects, enjoy the same rights, resources, opportunities, and protections. It does not require that these people, be the same, or that they are treated exactly alike.
  • Non-discrimination: ANI pride in being unified in diverse. All castes, creed, socio-economic categories will be treated equally, fairly and without any bias. ANI community and events treat everyone as equal to apply and avail for opportunities offered by ANI.
  • Independent Views: ANI is not biased towards any Speakers, Attendees, Sponsors, Participant or Presenters. The views and ideas expressed by a Speaker or Panelist at the events represent their own thought process and postulations. Attendees or Participants represent their own views about any point and conversions as well. ANI is a community about Idea and Thought to exchange conversations, not forcing or conditioning opinions upon individuals.
  • Quality First: Quality Conversions Delivery is our prime motto. ANI is committed to delivering value to participants, sponsors, partners and the Community through our efforts to produce quality and valuable conferences.
  • Respect Intellectual Property Copyrights: Speakers present themselves and all the opinions are their own and generally not a representation of their company. Content presented at the conference must be original IP of speakers, It is speaker’s responsibility to respect and give appropriate Copyrights situation to sources, and accept the public publication of the session over ANI websites and channel.
  • Cohesiveness for Innovation: ANI is part of the greater world community and believes that people have various views about some aspects, and everyone must be heard and each view must be respected. The focus must be only on curating innovation.

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