Graduating from the comfort zone of ceremonial agile to Strategic Agile

Abstract: Right from the time various agile frameworks and approaches were popularised and adapted by the software industry, there has been praises as well as criticism and agility has survived it. 15 years later we are still agile practitioners and still learning. Next 5 years will witness a huge paradigm shift of technology advances at an unimaginable speed, even greater in magnitude than last 15 years. The software-driven technology will pierce thru our day-to-day lives and we will find ourselves and the software conversing with machines, analyzing data from hundreds of sensors adding value to human life. This will force us to think if the process drivers the software & technology or the other way around. It will be the time when agile frameworks will be stress tested for their agility. But will people and their mindsets or behavioral expectations of organizations from people change at the same pace? This talk will cover the entire spectrum: Technology, Functionality, People, and Process which have always been the pillars of delivering increasing value to the customers, and how all of them will determine the future of agile.